Here are a few of my showcase projects

Jolly Wrappers

A custom site that was made for a client who wanted to not only showcase his business but provide new and existing clients with information about Jolly Wrappers and a way to contact the business.
Simple site made with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

RowdyBoyz Gaming

Rowdy Boyz is a custom site made for a group of gaming friends who were looking to add more friends to their team. The site provided a place for new prospects to send in information about themselves and also read about the group and the games they play.
Simple site made with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript


PillPal is a mobile app where users were able to find medications through an API and set them to time & day to be reminded when to take their specific medications. This app also integrated AI to provide users with a chat environment to find out any medical questions they had in regards to their medication or other medical questions.
Tech: React-Native, Expo, & SupaBase.